3 Ways pNetwork Is Instrumental for DeFi’s Growth
3 Ways pNetwork Is Instrumental for DeFi’s Growth

The inception of Bitcoin first introduced blockchain to the world in 2009. But the novel technology didn’t find a significant application base until recently. The DeFi ecosystem’s onset provided a much-needed shape and direction to blockchain’s limitless potential and has led to the cryptocurrency economy embarking on a whole new path altogether. The numbers are a testimony to this fact.

With $45 billion worth of funds locked in different protocols, the blockchain-based financial ecosystem has logged more than 70x growth year on year. DeFi is creating a paradigm shift in how we access financial instruments such as loans, insurance, bonds…

pNetwork is an open, public and independent network of nodes with an inbuilt governance structure (DAO) enabling the cross-chain movement of assets and data. Its flagship feature, pTokens, facilitates crypto assets switches across 9 different blockchain environments (and counting!).

Today, we are launching pNetwork Portals. A new PNT-powered cutting-edge feature enabling smart contracts living on different blockchains to interact with each other as if they were on the same network.

Every blockchain is a walled garden, locking out other cryptocurrencies and locking in its own liquidity. The ability of cryptocurrencies to move between blockchains seamlessly is a key component for…

pNetwork Is Supercharging Innovation With Cross-Chain Composability
pNetwork Is Supercharging Innovation With Cross-Chain Composability

pNetwork is working to bring blockchains together through an intelligent solution revolving around pTokens. Our decentralized ecosystem is supercharging innovation via a series of products and services that eliminate barriers between blockchains, unleash the full potential of DeFi dApps, and ensure liquidity across multiple decentralized ecosystems.

DeFi investors, along with other market participants, can get access to a variety of dApp or yield farming options even if they hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other digital assets that reside on blockchain networks that are not supporting smart contracts at all. …

The Definitive Guide on Using the pTokens dApp
The Definitive Guide on Using the pTokens dApp

pNetwork is enabling blockchain cross-chain composability via its pTokens solution. The project continues to add cross-chain bridges and a growing number of components to achieve better communication between different blockchains.

Thanks to pNetwork’s pTokens dApp, you can easily get onboard the DeFi trend even if you hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, or other cryptocurrencies hosted by a non-Ethereum blockchain. We want to ensure that nothing stops you from implementing the best yield farming and staking strategies in the DeFi space.

All you have to do is to join the dApp, use your crypto holdings as collateral, and mint the respective pTokens…

How to Become a pNetwork Node Operator
How to Become a pNetwork Node Operator

pNetwork continues to create bridges between major blockchain networks with the long-term goal to materialize the promise of blockchain composability, which fosters instant liquidity and addresses the fragmentation of the industry. The key players of pNetwork are node operators, otherwise known as validators.

The good news is that everyone can become a node operator, as pNetwork is committed to decentralization and is gradually moving from a centralized entity to a community-powered ecosystem that hosts a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The transition to a fully decentralized network is going on according to the roadmap.

In the present article, we discuss how…

pNetwork Ecosystem’s Key Role Players
pNetwork Ecosystem’s Key Role Players

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the fastest-growing sector in the crypto space, but it still faces major challenges that may limit the trend’s growth. One of the most pressing issues is the fragmentation of liquidity, which lets assets be siloed on one blockchain or the other. The pNetwork ecosystem proposes an intelligent solution that enables assets to move across blockchain ecosystems and lets users leverage their projects of choice.

To achieve an interconnected blockchain system, pNetwork is focusing on making cross-chain transactions a common practice. …

It has been over seven months since the pNetwork DAO was launched. In those seven months, we, along with our community, have made great strides towards decentralization and democratizing the pNetwork system. The progress being made along our roadmap is both exciting and reassuring for us and our very involved community!

The establishment of the pNetwork DAO has given anyone holding PNT the opportunity to take part in the pNetwork project’s governance, thus removing any exclusive governance power from the main development team over time. …

Six months ago, we launched an industry-first Litecoin bridge to Ethereum.

Litecoin is one of the largest cryptocurrencies and their user base now has access to a range of DeFi opportunities on the Ethereum network. Accessing these opportunities is done via our reference wallet Eidoo — through the Eidoo app users can peg-in and peg-out pTokens.

pTokens allow for cross-chain composability through a simple and secure foundation that makes any token movement possible on any blockchain. The pTokens system bridges a variety of blockchains so there is an easy movement of crypto liquidity.

Maximize DeFi Incentives with pNetwork Liquidity Pools
Maximize DeFi Incentives with pNetwork Liquidity Pools

In line with our mission to increase the liquidity of pTokens and enable the pNetwork ecosystem to grow, there are multiple liquidity mining initiatives active at any given moment.

pNetwork users can join yield farming options on several platforms:

  1. Steroids.finance
  2. Curve
  3. DeFiBox

In this post, we will be providing an overview of the liquidity mining initiatives currently available on these platforms.


Steroids.finance is a yield farming platform launched in summer 2020 shortly after the introduction of the pNetwork DAO.

The goal of introducing such a platform was very simple — by providing liquidity to any of the available pools, pNetwork…

We are happy to announce that pNetwork, a cross-chain composability system that allows assets and Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) to move freely between blockchains, has successfully integrated with Polygon (previously Matic network) mainnet as the go-to transparent and progressively decentralized cross-chain solution.

The pNetwork x Polygon collaboration has released today the first pNetwork-powered bridge to Polygon, connecting it with EOS. The cross-chain connection enables the EOS asset and EOS-based tokens to be moved onto Polygon and is now available for all Polygon users and its growing DeFi ecosystem.

As an evolution of the Matic network, Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform…

pNetwork Team

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